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Notre Dame Seafoods maintains a system of control that permits a complete and rapid recall of any of our products.

Our recall system includes the following:

An accurate inventory record identifying product codes, production dates and volume produced per date.

All product master cartons are labeled with species, size grade, product code, production date, plant registration number, and best before dates where applicable.

Each outgoing shipment is recorded on the appropriate detailed shipping record.

The shipment record contains the following information:

  1. Name of carrier and number.
  2. Date of shipment.
  3. The consignee name.
  4. Product code number and description.
  5. Number of cases shipped.
  6. Destination and special shipping / storing instructions.
  7. The weight of product being shipped.
  8. Date codes pertaining to the product being shipped

The above information provides Notre Dame Seafoods Inc. with the ability to trace the boat, bay of catch, amount, and area.