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capelin (mallotus villosus)

This flatfish’s sweet, white flesh and rich flavour makes is suitable for a wide range of preparation styles. It is also particularly high in Omega 3s, making it an ideal smoking fish.

Product Description Grade Pack Size
Greenland Halibut/Turbot Headed and Gutted (IQF) 0.5-1; 1-2; 2-3; 3-5; 5+ 15 kg
Greenland Halibut/Turbot Head on Gutted (Blast Frozen) 400-700g; 500-800g; 700-1000g; 800-1000g 15 kg
Greenland Halibut/Turbot Turbot Heads 100-300g; 300-500g; 500-1000g; 1000+g 20 kg


Halibut / Turbot